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ARTTIME is an employment agency for foreigners and Poles and a strategic HR partner for business. We specialize in sourcing employees from Eastern Europe and Asia for manufacturing and logistics positions. We recruit and then hire and/or second proven, trustworthy professionals to our Clients. ARTTIME’s proposed solutions are comprehensive – in addition to employee leasing and temporary employment of foreigners, we provide employment legalization, HR and payroll services and HR consulting. For companies looking for high-class specialists, we conduct permanent recruitment.

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Contact us if
  • you face the problem of high employee turnover,
  • staff shortages prevent the development of your business,
  • you need a team of physical workers who are characterized by reliability and dependability,
  • you are looking for an employment agency for foreigners, which you will be able to trust 100%,
  • you want to keep the costs and formalities of hiring employees to a minimum,
  • you offer work to foreigners and need support in legalizing their residence and employment,
  • you want to build a competitive advantage for your business by hiring strictly selected and most valuable employees.

Employment agency for foreigners – what does cooperation with ARTTIME look like?

Employment intermediation for foreigners can take the form of temporary work services or employee leasing.

In both cases, cooperation with our agency provides tangible benefits and maximum simplification of the entire process, although the two solutions differ in invoicing and employee management issues.

You are planning to hire foreigners for your company?

Tell us about your expectations. Based on an in-depth interview, we will prepare a personalized offer for you.


Recruitment of staff and subsequent employment or secondment of employees to the Client's company

Constant availability and regular visits of our regional coordinators to the Client's workplace

Comprehensive project management

Monthly invoicing according to the contract

Analysis of the Client's needs and selection of the optimal form of cooperation

Signing a contract taking into account all expectations of the Client

Recruitment of temporary employees

An excellent tool for companies facing seasonal staffing gaps or sudden employee absences. ARTTIME Employment Agency for foreigners takes over the responsibilities associated with selection, recruitment and hiring of staff, delivering to the client on time exactly the team of employees that is currently needed. By using our service, the company has the opportunity to reduce and delegate the company’s fixed costs related to employment to the variable costs of services.

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Permanent recruitments

Thanks to our extensive candidate base and modern recruitment tools, we reach out to professionally successful and highly regarded professionals in the market. We assess the potential of candidates in the context of the position our Client wants to fill, and then help negotiate terms of employment and make a job offer. As a result, our Client gains an employee who contributes to the development of the entire company, bringing the unique value of his experience and talents. In turn, the employee himself, can enjoy professional development in an environment tailored to his expectations.

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Employee leasing

In hiring foreigners, we provide them with accommodation, support in the training process and assistance in legalizing their stay and work in Poland. In turn, we guarantee employers that formalities are reduced to a minimum, a schedule that is always full and…peace of mind! We make sure that cooperation is carried out in accordance with the highest standards and legal regulations, and we react dynamically to changing circumstances.

Find out how to solve staff problems in your company. ARTTIME employment agency for foreigners will be a reliable support for you.

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Payroll, employment legalization

ARTTIME Agency, providing professional employment intermediation for foreigners, also supports clients in the field of human resources and payroll services, as well as legalization of residence and employment of foreigners. We keep our hand on the pulse – we keep abreast of changes in regulations and improve our qualifications. All this is done to provide our clients with a sense of security, service at the highest level.

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Benefits of cooperation with ARTTIME

You are looking for an employment agency for Ukrainians that will ensure optimization of employment costs, comprehensively handle the entire project, including the legalization of employment? Try our services!


Cost reduction

Cooperation with ARTTIME employment agency for foreigners allows you to optimize employment costs and save time. You pay for real and consistent results.


Substantive support

We advise on process efficiency, attendance, turnover, managing and motivating employees, and hiring foreigners.



Our clients can count on comprehensive service with constant care of the project coordinator. We guarantee reliability and transparency of cooperation and the legality of solutions we propose.

Jobs for foreigners and Poles

You are looking for a job?
Contact us!

ARTTIME is not just an employment agency for foreigners. We are creating a community of committed employees, where mutual support and motivation for development are important.

 If you are looking for secure, rewarding employment, you are in the right place! Just contact us and in a short time we will provide you with job offers tailored to your expectations and qualifications.

 In our database we have included employment proposals that range from entry-level positions with limited requirements to proposals aimed at highly skilled professionals in various industries.

Grow and earn more by working with ARTTIME employment agency!


Thanks to our experience and a wide base of employers, you can count on finding satisfactory employment quickly.


We will help you at every stage of your job search, in the formalities of employment, as well as later, during the contract.


Within the framework of the agency agreement, we offer competitive financial terms, and we always pay the salary on the agreed date.


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Trust our experience

ARTTIME – we recruit, and your business grows

We are constantly improving our services, optimizing our processes and strengthening our relationships with Clients. We acquire new knowledge and expand our capabilities in order to be the best business partner in the face of future challenges. ARTTIME is not just an employment agency for foreigners. Because we provide both employment intermediation for Ukrainians and recruitment of specialists, HR and payroll services or HR consulting – we are a strategic HR partner for business.


Low level of employee turnover.


This is how many employees we second to our Clients each month.


So many clients give positive feedback about cooperation with ArtTime.

Industries in which we operate

We are one of the fastest growing HR service providers in Poland. We specialize in areas such as logistics, customer service and e-commerce. Our experts, in addition to experience and knowledge in the field of HR, also have extensive business knowledge, which allows us to thoroughly understand the current needs and expectations of our Clients.